William Matheuszik

Airline Pilot | Toronto, ON

William Matheuszik


William Matheuszik

William Matheuszik is an airline pilot with more than 18,000 flight hours in his career. 

William was inspired to become a pilot by his father,  who flew throughout his childhood. In fact, the two Captained the same plane at different times, which is now on display at the Aviation Museum in Ottawa.

William’s 20+ year career began with flying cargo and charter passenger flights throughout Eastern Canada. Shortly after he began flying longer, farther, and  larger planes, including a Boeing 767 jet.

Currently, William resides in Toronto, Ontario. When he isn’t working, he can be found working on DIY projects, skiing, snowboarding, and cycling, both recreational bicycling and motorcycling. 


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I have always loved the adventure that flying brings naturally. It’s such a rewarding career and you are constantly exposed to different things.
William Matheuszik

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