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William Matheuszik has built a successful career as an airline pilot. With over 20 years in this role, he has traveled the world and met some of the most interesting, talented individuals.  

Over the course of his career, William has lent his expertise to various news outlets. Below is a collection of his most recent features. Interested in interviewing William for your next project? Submit a contact form today!

William Matheuszik
William Matheuszik
William Matheuszik

My inspiration was my father. He was a pilot and I fell in love with traveling at a young age. The funny thing is, I didn’t want everyone to think I wanted to be …

What gave me the idea to become a pilot was my father. I am actually a second-generation pilot. My father was a pilot first in the air force then he became a …

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You don’t have to be taking part in the Tour De France to take your cycling seriously. When you’re invested in your cycling, buying a bicycle is rarely enough — and why would it be enough when there’s an abundance of accessories and equipment to make your cycling …

Thousands of flights take off from airports crisscrossing the globe every day — whether you love it or hate it, flying is here, and it is here to stay. For some individuals, such as business executives, flying …

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